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The Top 10 Busiest Airline Routes in the World

If you were asked to name the top ten busiest airline routes in the world, you would be surprised that your natural answers would not make the list, not even the busiest routes in America and Europe.

The busiest airline route in the world is the 55 minute flight from Seoul Gimpo International to Jeju International both in South Korea. Over 11 million journeys were made between the airports in 2015, according to IATA.

There are more than 100 daily flights between Seoul Gimpo International Airport and Jeju International Airport, operated by only 5 airlines.

Now, take a look at the complete list of a one-way capacity for 2016 and prepare yourself to be surprised by what is and what is not there.

Table courtesy of View From The Wing

So what is this Jeju, and why the rush?

Served by Jeju International Airport, Jeju is the capital of Jeju Province in South Korea and the largest city on Jejudo. Jejudo (also known as Jeju Island) is the largest island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, and the main island of Jeju Province of South Korea.

Named among the "New7Wonders of Nature” In 2011, Jejudo is listed as a UNESCO heritage site and is billed as South Korea’s answer to Hawaii.

Okay, are you really surprised or even disappointed not to see an African route on the list. Please come off it and cheer up, no American or European route made it either.

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