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Why You Should Participate in The 2019 Nigeria Travel Week

The excitement is already in the air, and it is palpable. In about a week from now, travel and tourism stakeholders will converge on the commercial city of Lagos for the third edition of the Nigeria Travel Week. It will be a whole week dedicated to travel and tourism activities. This year, the accent is on creativity as a powerful tool to drive tourism and position Nigeria for the African market. Among other things, delegates at the multi-day event will engage, explore and experience Nigeria from new perspectives including the perspective of enchanting culture, the perspective of exquisite gastronomy, and the perspective of business and commerce.

Although only in its third year, the Nigeria Travel Week has made a remarkable impact and impression on the travel and tourism industry in Nigeria and even beyond. The event has successfully connected travel businesses while leveraging on the marriage between tourism and culture. In addition to nurturing a culture of travelling, the Nigeria Travel Week has also brought to fore the huge market potentials accrueable from the travel and tourism value chain. The third edition of the annual event will hold in Lagos from 17th to 23rd November, 2019, it promises to be better. In no particular order, here are seven reasons why you should participate in the 2019 Nigeria Travel Week. Dig in! 1. Network and Engage Without doubts, the Nigeria Travel Week, although only in its third year, has proven to be a powerful networking and engagement platform for stakeholders. Expected at this year's edition are very many exhibitors and suppliers including tourism boards, hospitality brands, aviation companies, tour operators and travel agencies as well as financial services companies and events managers. There will be ample opportunities for participants to network and connect with major travel and tourism industry players from across Africa.

On the Travel Roundtable, a host of experienced travel and tourism experts and professionals from across Africa and beyond will deliberate on topical issues affecting the travel and tourism industry in Africa, particularly in Nigeria. Among other topics, the panel will discuss Positioning Nigeria for the One Billion African Market. It will be a rewarding experience to listen to and engage the veterans, drawing from their wealth of knowledge. Panel discussions at the event will give you insight into how to convert your travel and tourism ideas to sustainable and profitable businesses. The Travel Roundtable will take place on 20 November at the MUSON Centre, Lagos. 2. Exhibit and Reach Out If you've got it, flaunt it. That's what they say. As an exhibitor, the 2019 Nigeria Travel Week will give you unrestricted access to thousands of investment-ready and ready-to-buy delegates under one roof. You'll have the opportunity to reach out to business-minded industry players in the travel and tourism sub-sector while generating high quality business leads for your brand. In addition to potentially expanding your business, you'll get to benefit from exposure by more than 50 local and international media platforms. Not often do such opportunities present themselves.

With up to 5,000 participants expected at this year's Nigeria Travel Week, you'll potentially meet new business partners, seal business deals or initiate new ones. If you have a business concern in the travel and tourism industry, you shouldn't let this opportunity pass you by. The atmosphere will be business friendly, the environment will be enabling. So come and push your brand to the world, come and reposition your business for growth and expansion, come and sell your market. The best part is that exhibiting at the Nigeria Travel Week doesn't cost an arm and a leg. To book your stand now, contact the organizers on 08076767671 3. Get Overly Dramatic At this year's Nigeria Travel Week, you can allow yourself to get dramatic, and overly so. You'll release your creative side and let it collide with your wanderlusting mind while relishing the magical aura. You'll have to be a super sophisticated arts snob to not be moved by the creativity that will be on display. And no matter how hard you try to resist it, your mind will say yes, even if your body is weak. Your body and soul will definitely move to the melodramatic rendition of choreographic dance steps beautifully dictated by melodious talking drums. Even if you've never liked it, you'll get into the swing of the vibes and the positive energy.

The 2019 Nigeria Travel Week will showcase the very best of Nigerian cultures and traditions with awe-inspiring performances. You'll be inspired by creative dramas and folklores set in an authentic and uncorrupted Nigerian village setting. In 2017, guests had the privilege of being mesmerized by the famous Ayanshina Cultural Troupe with their iconic Bata dance. The cultural enchantment hasn't been in short supply ever since. In 2019, the thrill will be definitely better and more intense. The cultural performances will be filled with resonate imagery. Brace for it. 4. Experience Traditional Gastronomy I like good food. Who doesn't? Well, if you do like good food like me, then you should keep a date with the 2019 Nigeria Travel Week. When I say 'good food', I'm most certainly not referring to something from Domino's or something from Macdonald's, or even something from Mr Bigg's. No, I'm most definitely not making reference to creme brulee or sandwiches or dense doughnut or buggers or half-done steaks. I'm referring to local delicacies curated with authentic indigenous flavours that will titillate your taste buds.

At the 2019 Nigeria Travel Week, you'll experience gastronomy beyond the luxury of 5-star restaurants and rooftop bars. Whether you want amala, tuwo, ofada rice, pounded yam, or you want to banga it, you'll be able to satisfy your taste bud with local delicacies. And if you need something to wash them down with, kunu, fura, zobo and palm wine will be handy. Indeed, the 2019 Nigeria Travel Week will fill you up and quench your thirst. If good food is your sort of thing, then the Nigeria Travel Week should be your sort of event. Come and experience traditional Nigerian delicacies, exquisite in every sense, and tasty to the core, just like mama's. 5. Hang Out and Socialize It's called the Travel Hangout. If you want, you can laugh out loud while rolling on the floor, or pinch someone from behind and deny it. You can get familiar and maybe, too close for comfort. And if you've got a chip on your shoulder all along, you'll have the perfect opportunity to spill the beans and square things up with your travel buddies. And who knows, you might even get the chance to go beyond socials, and strike a deal, that deal you've been eyeing. Yes, you'll be able to make friends - with or without benefit - while still talking business and closing deals. Well, I know someone who wants this kind of opportunity.

The Travel Hangout will offer participants the opportunity to be themselves and socialize in a semi formal and relaxed atmosphere. And you're allowed to be utterly shameless and even get a little mischievous, just don't get caught. You'll have the perfect excuse to combine business with pleasure. Call it bleisure, and you would be right. So whether you want to make new friends or catch up with old ones, the Travel Hangout is the kind of networking platform you need. The Travel Hangout comes up on 23 November at the La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in Lagos, and it is FREE. 6. The Balearica Awards A lot will be happening at the 2019 Nigeria Travel Week, and there's so much at stake. The climax and perhaps, the most exciting part will be the Nigeria Tourism Awards also known as the Balearica Awards. Adjudged as one of the most valid and the most transparent awards in Nigeria, the prestigious Balearica Awards will recognize and celebrate outstanding travel and tourism personalities and brands who, in various categories, set the trends in the Nigerian travel and tourism industry.

Voting for the awards commenced on 15 October, 2019 and will end on 15 November, 2019. If you haven't voted already, follow the link and vote - Please don't forget to vote for AFRITRAVELLER as the Best Travel Blog. The Balearica Awards will hold on 22 November, 2019 at the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos. 7. Win, win, and win You might not win an award or go home with a 24 carat gold Balearica statuette, but you'll definitely stand a chance of winning exciting freebies including local and international flight tickets, local and international hotel stays, tour packages, travel vouchers, restaurant vouchers, phones and much more. Everybody is a winner, and you don't need to do anything special to qualify. Just turn up!

Parting Words Not to twist your arm or force it down your throat, but if I can shoot from the hip, I’d say that participating in the 2019 Nigeria Travel Week will end up being one of the most exciting and most rewarding things you will have done this year. It definitely sounds like something you don't want to miss. Register NOW Important Dates and Programs 17 November: The UpBeat Experience 21 November: Travel Roundtable 22 November: Balearica Awards 23 November: Travel Hangout For more information on the 2019 Nigeria Travel Week, please visit or call 08076767671. To attend the event, register online via eventbrite. Nigeria Travel Week on social media: Facebook: NigeriaTravelWeek Twitter: @NgTravelWeek Instagram: @NigeriaTravelWeek Email:

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