• Deji Ajomale

Golf is Synonymous to Tourism: What It Means For Africa

At the Travel Massive Lagos, hangout on Saturday, I spoke about how golf and tourism are an item. In driving home my point, I talked about how safari tops the list of reasons why collectors of experience from other continents wander to Africa and there's only one sport you can successfully blend with safari - golf.

Pictures and video of wild animals magnanimously sharing with humans, their natural habitats that became golfing landscapes, litter online and pages of print media. Look carefully at the picture below.

Those are kangaroos scampering across the fairway less than 3meters from golfers walking towards the lie of their last shot.

Visit IBB Golf Course in Abuja, you'd see crocodiles, pythons and monkeys that demand no rent from humans, as they club the white dimpled ball round fairways dotting a pristine 'jungle.'

And when you think of how addictive golf is, you'd know how many inbound golfing tourists African nations can get annually. When they do, they'd get introduced to other attractions and offerings.

After all, no two holes in golf offer the same experience. Even the same hole you played yesterday might leave you with a different memory today, which explains a golfer's craze for travelling the world just to feel and taste golf on another soil.

Golf is a game that annoys you, challenges you, compensates you, just to ensure you always come back.

Golf tourism in Spain is worth €775m. It is a billiin - dollar industry in the US. How does that sound for motivation?

It is time to reconsider our view of golf as an elitist sport and start seeing it as that one sport we can offer as part of tourism offerings of Africa. After all, that's the only sport that has the wand to lure an amateur who doesn't earn a living from playing the game, into flying across the ocean for sporting purposes.

Deji AJomale-McWord is a luxury sports contents curator and principal partner at MPG Luxury Sports, curators of ‘The Atlas of Nigeria Golf Courses’, ‘The Fine Fairways of Africa’, ‘Elite Passtime Nigeria’ (on polo, motor, water and racket sports) and Nigeria’s premier mobile app on golf. MPG is a strategic partner to Nigeria Travel Week. MPG can be reached @mpgluxurysports on IG, Facebook and Twitter.

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