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Four Seasons Hotel Dubai Unveils New Pop-up Menus

Tiramisu lovers are in for a treat at Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre, with a pop-up menu that reimagines the irresistible dessert.

Right in time for Eid al Fitr and Dubai Food Festival, the Hotel’s chefs have created unique variations of the delicacy at the ever-elegant Penrose Lounge.

The masterpieces are presented in a towering cylindrical film, which is pulled up tableside for a phones-out moment, as the dessert’s layers hypnotically collapse unto the plate.

Guests can choose a tiramisu to match their mood, with five varieties including the classic MINAMisu, DulceMisu, BerryMisu, GiandujaMisu and the locally-anticipated KarakMisu.

The pop-up menu will be available for a limited time, from May 2 to 15, 2022.

KarakMisu – AED 75 - Karak tea is potentially Dubai’s most cherished beverage, with a grassroots history evolving in the city’s cafeterias and tea kiosks.

Stemming from the word kadak, which in Hindi means strong, it is said that Dubaians commonly misheard the word being used in Indian teahouses to order strong black tea, thus creating a new staple.

Karak is made from a well-steeped blend of black tea leaves (teahouses are known to keep their secret signature house blends), cardamom and spices such as ginger, cinnamon and cloves.

Condensed milk and generous measures of sugar perfectly balance the tea’s spiciness to create sippable comfort. As a tribute to Dubai’s karak culture, the KarakMisu delivers Penrose Lounge’s own secret tea blend by the spoonful, within a twirl of mascarpone cream and ladyfingers.

GiandujaMisu – AED 80 - They won’t always be into rom-coms, but chefs most certainly do believe in soulmates. Some ingredients are just destined to be together, with chocolate and hazelnut topping that list.

The Bonnie and Clyde of the pastry world, this pairing is responsible for more than just store-shelf chocolate spread. An artisanal marriage of chocolate and hazelnut paste, Gianduja is a delicacy to be savoured.

Imagine Gianduja starring in its own tiramisu. A rich, velvety thing of beauty, worthy of an Academy Award, or at least its equivalent in the world of dessert.

MINAMisu – AED 70 - A classic Italian tiramisu, which quickly became a favourite at the neighbouring MINA Brasserie where it was first created. A perfect pairing with a barista creation or a simple espresso.

DulceMisu – AED 70 - Latin American desserts are just as iconic as the region’s savoury dishes and the proof is in the pudding. Dulce de leche as a topping or a filling is simply irresistible.

Aptly golden in colour, dulce de leche engulfs the palate with a satisfying sweetness. Its flavour lends itself well to the soft, creamy texture of tiramisu, making the DulceMisu a true stand-out.

BerryMisu – AED 80 - It is all about balance – a statement that holds true both in life and in the kitchen. For ages, pastry chefs have refined their ingredients to achieve the perfect blend of acidity and sweetness in recipes that are both creamy and fruity.

The BerryMisu is a descendant of this philosophy, balancing a burst of flavour from mixed berries with soothing sweet cream and mascarpone.

Guests can sample these unique creations by visiting Penrose Lounge throughout the Dubai Food Festival.

  • Dates: May 2 to 15, 2022

  • Timings: 12:00 noon to 11:30 pm

Call +971 4 506 0000 for enquiries.

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