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Production Milestone: Boeing Delivers The 1,500th Boeing 777

Boeing has delivered the 1,500th copy of the Boeing 777 from the production line, marking a very important milestone and achievement for the American aerospace giant.

The aircraft - a Boeing 777-300ER - was on 17 July, handed over to United Airlines in a ceremony at the Boeing Everett Delivery Center, Washington.

Not many wide-body aircraft have reached the 1,500th delivery milestone. In fact, only the Boeing 747 has managed to achieve 1,500 copies and it took it 46 years. The 777 reached the 1500 delivery milestone in 24 years.

The Boeing 777 is the world's largest twinjet aircraft. Depending on the configuration, it can carry as many as 450 passengers, with a range of 5,240 to 8,555 nautical miles (9,704 to 15,844 km).

Also called the "Triple Seven", its distinguishing features include the largest-diameter turbofan engines of any aircraft, six-wheels main landing gear, fully circular fuselage cross-section and a blade-shaped tail cone.

As Boeing's first fly-by-wire airliner, the 777 has computer-mediated controls. It was also the first commercial aircraft to be designed entirely with computer-aided design.

The Boeing 777's unique combination of superior range, outstanding fuel efficiency and passenger-preferred comfort has created long-range success for carriers around the world.

The 777 is in the fleet of almost all major international airlines. It first entered commercial service with United Airlines on June 7, 1995. It has received more orders than any other wide-body airliner.

The Boeing 777 is Boeing's best selling twin-engine jet passenger airliner. As of July, 2017, 60 customers have ordered a total of 1,935 Boeing 777s with 1,502 already delivered.

The 1,500th Boeing 777 has already entered commercial passenger service with United Airlines.

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