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Lufthansa Group Launches New Campaign to Save the World

In its own world of sustainable aviation, Lufthansa Group airlines are already looking at a future where they can learn l from nature to save CO2, fly with kerosene from biogenic residues and even operate flights with the help of sunlight.

To support its ambitious goal of achieving a neutral CO2 balance in 2050, Lufthansa Group has launched a new inspiring marketing campaign under the hashtag - #MakeChangeFly. It will be displayed worldwide, especially on social media and at selected locations with posters, city lights and in print media.

Connecting the World. Protecting its Future.

The campaign motifs of #MakeChangeFly bring together the topics of air transport and nature in a creative way and thus address the diverse measures of the Lufthansa Group for a sustainable future.

By the end of this decade, a total of at least 190 fuel-efficient aircraft of the latest generation will be delivered to the airlines of the Lufthansa Group. In the long term, the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is considered the key to CO2-neutral flying.

Already today, the Lufthansa Group is one of the world's largest purchasers of SAF made from biogenic residues, and it is committed to numerous projects aimed at increasing the availability of SAF. A particular focus is on the future-oriented Power-to-Liquid and Sun-to-Liquid technologies.

The Lufthansa Group is also continuously optimizing its existing fleet and its entire flight operations under economic and ecological aspects. One innovation highlighted in the current campaign is named AeroSHARK, a technology developed by Lufthansa Technik together with BASF.

The fuel-saving surface film imitates the properties of the streamlined sharkskin and thus optimizes the aircraft's aerodynamics at flow-relevant points. This reduces fuel consumption on every flight. This year, the Lufthansa Group's first aircraft will be equipped with AeroSHARK.

The Lufthansa Group is also investing more than ever in the quality and sustainability of its offerings, inspiring more and more passengers to travel sustainably. The company already offers the most comprehensive portfolio for CO2-neutral flying and wants to make it as easy as possible for its customers to contribute individually to climate protection.

Since 2019, the Lufthansa Group itself has been offsetting the CO2 emissions of its employees' business-related air travel via certified myclimate carbon offset projects.

Campaign realization in cooperation with DDB Munich

The new #MakeChangeFly marketing campaign was developed and implemented by the creative agency DDB Munich. It shows Lufthansa Group's determination on its ambitious path to connect people, cultures and economies in a sustainable way.

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