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Create a Sea of Memories at Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria

Blue skies, magical sunsets, timeless beauty, and fascinating history all make Alexandria the ultimate Mediterranean destination this season.

What's better than experiencing the world with loved ones? Memorable minutes, hours, and days that live for a lifetime by the City of Memory. Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria offers a resort-like experience in the middle of this fabulous city.

The Hotel’s private beach, stretched over 500 metres (1,600 feet) uncovers a summer holiday to reconnect, discover, and relax - all with easy access to the city’s sightseeing shedding the light on a rich culture, heritage, and history.

Fishing Experience

Live the fisherman's life by the shores where the abundance of the natural treasures of the Mediterranean Sea are right at one's fingertips. For fishing lovers or newbies, this on-site experience is an authentic Alexandrian must-do with the assistance of the Hotel’s fishing experts.

From Sea to Table

As the morning starts to lighten up, and the fishermen gather at the local market to sell their catch of the day; this marks the kick-off of a great day at the Hotel's Beach Restaurant, where guests can have their catch of the day cooked the Alexandrian way by the Hotel’s local chef, who knows the secrets of the best sayadia - a famous fish dish spiced with the secret mix.

Beach Infinity Pool

Whether dining poolside or sipping a cocktail, the magical sunset view of Alexandria should not be missed. It's the only beachside infinity pool with seawater located directly on the Mediterranean shore providing the best view and unique experiences for all the family.

Churrasco Night by the Sea

Nothing beats a barefoot dinner experience right on the beach under the stars with a Brazilian BBQ. Meat lovers will indulge in a relaxed setting by the sea to enjoy different types and cuts served rodízio style, where roving waiters serve the barbecued meats from large skewers directly onto the seated diners' plates.

Beauty secrets of Queen Cleopatra

After an exciting day well spent exploring the city, guests can steal an hour or two in the Spa to take a cue from the legendary life of Cleopatra, one of Egypt’s greatest queens, and soak in a decadent bath of milk, honey, and fragrant rose petals in the soothing Spa Suite.

Dine with Love

Nothing says romantic more than a passionate dinner set-up that takes guests on a 1001-night journey with loved ones. Couples are invited to ignite their love and create memorable moments together with a lavish candlelit dinner and flowers that can be arranged on the beach private pergola or in the privacy of the villa garden.

Private Villa with Pool

The Beach Villas offer the opportunity to spend an extraordinary getaway, where guests will enjoy a private pool, exclusive features in the villas and personalized experiences such as a BBQ with the Executive Chef or a healthy program with professional trainers.

A Wellness Retreat

In a setting of charming nature of sea, sand and sun, reflect and lounge on the beach shores with healthy menu options, and a dedicated fitness coach to guide guests through the wellness journey..

The Royal Fairytale of Al-Montazah Gardens

The gardens and palace were once the summer residence of King Farouk, the last king in the history of Egypt. In 1892, Khedive Abbas Helmy II built the first one, the Salamlek Palace, then later in 1932, King Fuad I built the Haramlek Palace to become the summer getaway for the Royal Family.

Carriage Ride

Step into a horse carriage and stroll along the corniche on the Mediterranean coast and watch as the sun goes down in a scene of endless skyline.

Jewellery Museum

In the elegant Alexandria district of Zizinya stands the Royal Jewellery Museum, showcasing every kind of imaginable item of status, luxury, and wealth from the personal belongings of King Farouk and his Royal Family, filled to the brim and displayed on two floors.

Stay Offers

Make Alexandria a summer vacation retreat for a month or more, and enjoy exclusive rates and benefits, including breakfast, full access to all resort facilities, a dedicated guest experience manager, complimentary Wi-Fi, complimentary parking, and more.

To explore the Mediterranean experience, check the Hotel's room offers or contact

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