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RwandAir Partners With Lufthansa For Better Prices and Schedules

RwandAir customers will now benefit from easy-to-understand schedules and prices following a new partnership between the airline and Lufthansa Systems.

The new partnership means will better display the cheapest available ticket prices to meet customer demand and make booking with the Rwandan flag carrier easier than ever.

The enhancements follow RwandAir’s adoption of Lufthansa Systems’ NetLine/Sched and ProfitLine/Price solutions, which optimize the airline’s complex flight schedule to more efficiently determine the best ticket prices, based on the current market situation as well as supply and demand.

NetLine/Sched, the schedule management system from Lufthansa Systems, helps airlines to quickly make the best decisions when creating and optimizing their flight schedules, while also taking operational and economic aspects into account.

ProfitLine/Price is a comprehensive system for pricing which considers the current competitive situation, price trends, and underlying fare structures.

The two control programs not only simplify the airline’s scheduling, but also effectively support RwandAir’s expansion of its route network and pricing strategy by forecasting revenue changes based on fare modifications.

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