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Passengers Sue Boeing For Emirates Boeing 777 Crash

More than 12 passengers aboard an Emirates flight that crashed in August 2016 have sued the plane-maker Boeing on Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court, Illinois, USA, reports Chicago Tribune.

According to the reports, the accusers blamed the crash on an allegedly defective switch on the Boeing 777-300 which was performing Flight EK 521 from Thiruvananthapuram, India to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

All 282 passengers and 18 crew aboard Emirates survived the crash-landing in Dubai, scrambling down emergency slides before flames consumed the plane, although one firefighter died as he battled the blaze.

The lawsuit alleges, among other problems, that the aircraft's system prevented the operation of a switch at a critical moment and that the plane didn't provide any warning to the crew that the switch wasn't working.

The plaintiffs, who are residents of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the UAE and Turkey, suffered serious physical and psychological injuries that will result in future medical bills and lost earnings, the lawsuit says.

A probe into the August 3, 2016, crash showed no abnormalities in Boeing's 777-300's systems after testing by the manufacturer and downloaded data analysis, according to UAE aviation officials.

UAE investigators will now look at the actions of the flight crew after no problems were found with the aircraft's systems or engines, according to an Aug. 6 interim report from the the UAE's General Civil Aviation Authority.

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