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Taste The Sea at Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria, Egypt

Seasons change, yet what never changes is the passion for seafood in Alexandria. Whether visitors or locals, both are equally fond of the culinary expertise of this Mediterranean city.

Alexandria, the city of Alexander the Great, took various forms throughout history. Being the capital of Egypt during the time of Ptolemy to one of the most important trade capitals years later, it never lost its identity as a Mediterranean city.

This November, Wael brings his creativity at Kala Restaurant to a new dinner menu. Guests will find the ideal delicacies of international seafood cuisine and the local freshness from the sea combined to entice the taste buds. Whether it’s a ceviche from Spain and a crudo from Italy, or Chef Wael’s creation introducing for the first time the salt crusted fish as the star of the menu.

As a true Alexandrian, a seafood menu can never be complete without an open face singari cooked in the oven with a secret mix of spices and fresh herbs. Guests will also have a display with the freshest catch of the day to order by grams and the preferred method of cooking.

Alexandria seafood cuisine is well known for the grilled shrimp butterfly, seafood tajines and the famous sayadia rice – meaning the "fishermen's rice" – cooked with caramelised onion and spices.

For wine lovers, a selection of the finest wine and champagne will also be available depending on the selected fish or seafood.

Kala Restaurant (“good” in Greek) is located on the third floor of Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano.

Taste of the Sea

· Starting November 20, 2021

· Time: 5:00 pm to 12:00 midnight

For reservations, contact the Hotel directly at +2 (03) 5818000.

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