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Six Reasons Why You Should Deal with Travelwings

Let's face it. In the era of post-pandemic travel recovery, the way we travel has changed. So, finding the right travel management company is as important as having a good vacation or just a great flight. That is why Travelwings should be your preferred travel partner. Among many other benefits, they deliver exceptional travel experiences, just the way you love it.

Travelwings is a bespoke online tourism brand that excels at delivering unique travel experiences. Established in 2015 by Albert Fernando, Travelwings brand was founded with and built on passion for travel and a hyper-sensitivity to customer experience.

There are many reasons why you should do travel business with Travelwings. Here are the 6 major ones.

1. Unbeatable Presence

Headquartered in Dubai with offices across Africa, Travelwings has established a strong presence in the travel domain and is constantly evolving to offer the best travel experiences. Since its inception, the company has recorded over three hundred thousand (300,000) bookings annually, catered to over 1 million travellers, and gained a strong foothold in over 32 nations, traversing across the Middle East, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Morocco, Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, and many more.

2. Seasoned Expertise

Equipped with over 25 years of expertise, a seasoned team, a well-knit network, and excellent supplier relationships, Travelwings has become a pioneer in the world of online travel. It is also one of the leading online travel agencies in Africa with a focus on bespoke travel experiences, innovative services, and customer satisfaction.

Driven by a vision to build an enduring travel brand that offers authentic and exclusive travel experiences, Travelwings diversified its core businesses beyond airlines, apartments, hotels and vacation rentals, to tours, activities, packages, and much more. This has allowed them to introduce a full spectrum of ingenious service offerings including innovative categories, customised packages, unique travel experiences, and more.

3. Travelwings: A Class Apart

Inspired by the idea of taking customers on an enchanting journey without bounds, Travelwings offer Specially Curated Packages. With Travelwings, the world is your oyster! Whether you want to embark on a cruise adventure or travel to a spectacular destination or indulge in a luxurious staycation, Travelwings makes all your travel dreams come true with tailor made packages, easy to book flights, budget-friendly deals, and more.

4. Unique Travel Experiences

With Travelwings, you can explore the unbeaten path with unconventional travel experiences. Be it going on adventure treks through the wilderness in Rwanda or scuba diving in the pristine waters of the Maldives or gazing upon the man-made marvels in Dubai, or unravelling the ancient secrets in Saudi Arabia, our myriad of packages cater to a diverse range of travellers.

5. Exceptional User Experience

Designed to maximise convenience, comfort, and an error-free online booking experience, Travelwings’ website works like a PWA and guarantees the fastest flight booking experience with booking completion in just 11 clicks. Furthermore, to ensure a seamless user experience, the web app is lightweight, intuitive, easy to access, works like a native application, stores offline data, and eliminates the need to download the app.

6. One-Stop Shop

Ever attentive to consumer demands, Travelwings aims to offer a wholesome travel experience by introducing services like holidays, accommodation, flights, transportation, activities, Visa services, PCR test bookings and more, making it the perfect one-stop travel shop.

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