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PaxEx: Air France Brings New Gourmet Delights Onboard

From April 2024, Air France will be unveiling new in-flight gourmet menus, created by distinguished new names in the world of cuisine. As an ambassador for French fine dining, the company continues to showcase French haute cuisine around the world.

On departure from Paris, the triple Michelin-starred French chefs Glenn Viel and Arnaud Lallement will be creating exceptional new dishes in the La Première and Business cabins, alongside renowned pastry chefs Philippe Rigollot and Nina Métayer. In the Premium Economy cabin, the single Michelin-starred chef Frédéric Simonin continues to delight the airline’s customers with his delicious new recipes.

To create these menus, the chefs work together with Servair, the world leader in in-flight catering, using fresh, local produce that change with the seasons.

As part of the airline’s commitment to more responsible catering, the meat, poultry, milk products and eggs on each menu are of French origin, and the fish sourced from sustainable fisheries on departure from Paris. Vegetarian menus are also systematically available in the different cabins on all the airline’s flights.

Glenn Viel and Philippe Rigollot in the La Première cabin on departure from Paris

For the very first time, the triple Michelin-starred French chef Glenn Viel is signing the entire menu in the La Première class, the company’s most exclusive travel cabin.

Ingeniously combining his Breton roots with Provençal cuisine, this lover of local produce has created a total of twelve exceptional dishes to be enjoyed over the coming months, including Mediterranean bread with preserved peppers and rosemary, cream cheese, rocket and pickled lemon, sea bream fillet, fondant potatoes, mussels and lemon sauce, and guinea fowl topped with a crunchy zucchini mosaic, and caramelized onion compote.

As for desserts, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France and world pastry champion Philippe Rigollot will take over the French dessert menu, featuring a selection of lightly-textured, delicious sweet pastries. Strawberry gateau, Black Forest gateau, and an apricot tartlet and rosemary whipped cream are among the six desserts to gradually appear on the menu.

Arnaud Lallement and Nina Métayer in the Business cabin on departure from Paris

In the long-haul Business cabin, the triple Michelin-starred French chef Arnaud Lallement is creating new culinary delights for Air France customers. The chef proposes a contemporary and gourmet cuisine infused with emotion, with a selection of nine new gourmet creations. Dishes including polenta on stir-fried vegetables, creamy eggplant and red pepper coulis, crab and shrimp ravioli, Brittany curry sauce, and stir-fried spinach will delight passengers.

In the Business cabin, since 2023, Air France has also been entrusting its dessert menu to a signature pastry chef. Crowned World Pastry Chef 2023, chef Nina Métayer will be signing three new sweet treats for the company’s customers. The chef’s caramel, hazelnut and velvety dark chocolate slice, coconut lime mango slice, and the “Individuel” gourmet chocolate delight are the irresistible delicacies that customers can enjoy during their trip.

Frédéric Simonin in the Premium Economy cabin on departure from Paris

In the Premium Economy cabin, the one-starred chef Frédéric Simonin continues to delight Air France customers as part of an on-going partnership initiated with the company in November 2023.

A perfectionist at heart, he has created a new series of dishes prepared with the greatest respect for the products chosen. The chef’s delicious new menus including mini scallops, citrus sauce with tapioca pearls and asparagus pasta, or peas with savory, spinach and glazed pearl onions are now available on board.

Signature dishes on departure from destinations worldwide

Air France is continuing to develop its exceptional partnerships on departure from its international stations.

On flights departing from its stations in the United States, the company is offering menus signed by triple Michelin-starred French chef Dominique Crenn in the La Première and Business cabins.

Since February 2024, the chef’s dishes have been available on departure from Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York-Newark, San Francisco and Seattle. Starting in April 2024, they will also be available on departure from Detroit, Washington, and New York-JFK.

On departure from all the company’s Canadian destinations (Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver), French chef Olivier Perret has been signing French dishes featuring local and seasonal produce for the Business cabin menu.

Air France is also offering dishes signed by Martinique chef Jean-Charles Brédas in the Business cabin on flights departing from the French West Indies (Pointe-à-Pitre, Fort-de-France, Saint-Martin) and French Guiana (Cayenne) to Paris, as well as on flights in the Caribbean Regional Network linking Cayenne to Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre to Miami and Pointe-à-Pitre to Montreal.

On departure from Réunion Island, Air France entrusts the menu in its Business cabin to chef Jofrane Dailly, who highlights the island’s culinary heritage combined with his Indian origins.

On departure from Singapore, the triple Michelin-starred chef Julien Royer signs a selection of original dishes on the menu that is regularly renewed for Air France’s La Première and Business customers travelling to Paris.


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