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Human Trafficking: Emirates Support 'It’s a Penalty’s campaign

To help create awareness about human trafficking, Emirates is supporting It’s a Penalty’s campaign’s newest global film “What is Human Trafficking?”

Launched in collaboration with actor Liam Neeson, the short film is designed to educate the world about the misconceptions and the reality of human trafficking and exploitation happening globally.

By airing this special message on its ice inflight entertainment system on all flights from October, Emirates hopes to shine a light on this global problem and help more people understand what human trafficking is.

With greater awareness, more suspected cases can be identified and reported, thereby protecting and preventing those at risk from becoming victims.

Human trafficking involves the movement of persons within a country or across borders into conditions of exploitation against their will by means of force, threats, abduction, or deception.

In 2017, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimated that there were 24.9 million people trafficked globally (equivalent to the population of Australia), of which 75% are women and children.

As one of the world’s largest connector of people and places, Emirates is committed to playing its part to help stem this crime against humanity.

The Emirates Group has an anti-slavery and human trafficking policy and publishes transparency statements on the Modern Slavery Act annually as part of its ongoing commitment to combat this crime.

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