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ATR Unveils Next Generation Regional Aircraft

If you love turboprops, you will love this. ATR has unveiled plans for the next generation of its best-selling family of regional aircraft. Known as ATR ‘EVO’. The aircraft is expected to enter into service by 2030, and will be more economical and sustainable.

The plan foresees advanced design features and a new powerplant with hybrid capability to offer customers the next generation of ATR aircraft. The design will encompass innovative technologies to enable significant improvements in performance, economics and sustainability.

Incorporating a new eco-design that includes new propellers and enhanced cabin and systems, the new aircraft will remain a two-engine turboprop that can be powered by 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

The new generation aircraft will be a step forward in responsible flying through further incremental innovation. When it enters the market, the new ATR ‘EVO’ will pave the way towards a decarbonised future for the aviation industry.

Key benefits include a 20% overall fuel improvement and 100% SAF compatibility. This means that the aircraft will emit over 50% less CO2 than a regional jet when powered by kerosene. When using 100% SAF, its emissions will be close to zero.

ATR ‘EVO’ will be more economical, with double digit operating cost savings achieved in particular through 20% lower fuel burn and 20% overall maintenance cost reduction. This means airlines can serve thin routes more profitably, and travellers can benefit from more connectivity.

The engines of the new aircraft will combine existing and future generation technology. ATR ‘EVO’ will feature improved performance in terms of time to climb and enhanced cabin, with increased use of lighter bio-sourced materials. Recyclability will also be at the heart of the new design.

In the coming months, ATR will work with airlines, engine manufacturers and systems providers to formally launch the programme by 2023.

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