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COVID-19: Emirates Takes Safety Measures to A New Level

Emirates has taken COVID-19 safety measures to a new level with the unveiling of multi-faceted measures, redefining safety and hygiene standards on board and on the ground.

The new measures took effect yesterday, with the resumption of regularly scheduled passenger flights to nine destinations.

At check-in, complimentary hygiene kits will be given to every passenger upon check in at Dubai International Airport and on flights to Dubai.

The hygiene kits comprise of masks, gloves, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser. The hygiene kits supplement a slew of additional measures already introduced to keep customers safe.

Gloves and masks are mandatory for all customers and employees at the airport in Dubai, while only masks are mandated on Emirates flights. On arrival at the airport, thermal scanners at various areas monitor the temperatures of all passengers and employees.

The airport team has also installed protective barriers at each check-in desk and immigration counter to provide additional safety to passengers and employees during interaction over the counter.

Passengers travelling through Dubai International Airport and transferring onto another flight, will go through thermal screening upon disembarkation and will be given an additional hygiene kit at the gate before boarding their connecting flight.

The boarding sequence has been staggered and passengers board by row, in small numbers. The waiting area has also been modified to ensure all customers observe social distancing.

On board, all cabin crew will be fully kitted out in PPEs. Emirates has also added a cabin service assistant (CSA) on flights over 1.5 hours, who will ensure lavatories are cleaned every 45 mins.

To minimize the risk of infection by touch, magazines and print reading material will not be available during this time. In premium classes, single use menus and wine lists will be provided to passengers.

Cabin baggage have to be checked-in, and customers can only bring essential items such as a laptop, handbag, briefcase or baby items on board.

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