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Top Five Reasons to Join Dana Air’s Dana Miles Club

If you are a frequent air traveller flying across Nigeria, especially if you fly mostly with Dana Air, you need to join the airlines loyalty program and begin to earn miles. The benefits are huge!

Loyalty programs have come to stay in air travel and are used by almost every airline around the world to keep track of and reward their consistent and loyal customers. Nigeria’s Dana Air is in that league.

Much like every other loyalty program out there, Dana Air’s loyalty program comes in three levels: Blue, Silver and Gold. Blue is the lowest level of membership, while Gold is the highest. The more you fly, the higher your membership level and the higher your benefits.

There are several reasons why you need to join Dana Air’s loyalty program called Dana Miles which was recently rebranded due to increasing number of subscribers. The top 5 benefits are outlined below.

1. Fly with Miles

For me and for many others, one of the most helpful advantages of the Dana Miles is the benefit of using it to buy flight tickets to any of the airlines destinations. All you have to do to benefit from this is to accrue enough miles by flying frequently with the airline. The rule is simple, the more you fly, the more Dana Miles you earn. It’s almost like flying free.

2. Pay for Excess Baggage

We all know that having to pay for excess luggage is one of those things air travellers hate to deal with but have to deal with. It can come without being budgeted for and it doesn’t come cheap. But Dana Air can help! If you are on the go and have a little too much to carry, don’t worry; you can easily pay for the excess baggage with you Dana Miles. All you need to do is join Dana Air’s loyalty program and begin to rake in your miles.

3. Upgrade to Business Class

Who says you cannot fly in Business Class? Dana Air’s loyalty program can help you realize that long time dream of flying in the business class. Yes, with your Dana Miles you can upgrade from economy class to business class and join the leagues of business travellers even without spending extra cash. Don’t get 'stuck' in the Economy Class!

4. Carry Extra Baggage

If you are a Gold member of Dana Air’s frequent flyer program, you are entitled to extra 10 kg baggage allowance each time you fly with the airline to any of its destinations. This is a very good opportunity to carry more without having to pay extra.

5. Earn Bonus Miles

With Dana Miles, the higher you go, the cooler it becomes. That is why you can earn extra miles for doing nothing extra except to migrate to higher tiers of the loyalty program. Each time they fly, Silver members earn 25% bonus miles while Gold members earn 50% bonus miles. It doesn’t get any better than this.

To take advantage of any or all of the above benefits, all you need to do is join the Dana Miles here and begin to fly smart.

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