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PaxEx: Delta Launches First Biometric Terminal in the U.S.

Delta Air Lines, in partnership with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is launching the first biometric terminal in the United States at Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal (Terminal F) in Atlanta. Beginning late this year, customers flying direct to an international destination have the option of using facial recognition technology from curb to gate, transforming the customer journey with a seamless travel experience through the airport. This optional, end-to-end Delta Biometrics experience includes using facial recognition technology to check in at the self-service kiosks in the lobby. It'll also help passengers to drop checked baggage at the counters in the lobby as well as serve as identification at the TSA checkpoint The new service will additionally allow passengers to board a flight at any gate in Terminal F and go through CBP processing for international travelers arriving into the U.S. Passengers on Delta partner airlines including Aeromexico, Air France-KLM or Virgin Atlantic Airways, out of Terminal F are also eligible to use this technology. How it works If you're flying to an international destination from Atlanta’s Terminal F, simply enter your passport information when prompted during online check-in. Forgot to enter passport information in advance? Don’t worry — this option will be available at the terminal after an initial passport scan and verification. Click “Look” on the screen at the kiosk in the lobby, or approach the camera at the counter in the lobby, the TSA checkpoint or when boarding at the gate. Breeze through once the green check mark flashes on the screen. Travelers will need to have their passports available and should always bring their passports when they travel internationally for use at other touch points during their trip. And, if customers do not want to participate, they just proceed normally, as they’ve always done, through the airport. Also at ATL Terminal F, customers can take advantage of industry-leading Computed Tomography (CT) scanners at two automated screening lanes, which are being installed in partnership with the TSA and the airport. This means travelers won’t have to take out electronics from their bags at the TSA checkpoint, further enabling a smooth travel experience. Over the past several years, Delta has led the industry on a number of customer solutions like RFID baggage handling, automatic check-in and bag tracking via the Fly Delta mobile app. Delta was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies Worldwide in 2018, earning the No. 6 spot among travel companies.

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