• Chidozie Uzoezie

Strange: Body of Newborn Baby Found in Aircraft Toilet

The body of a baby was discovered in the lavatory of an AirAsia India flight by the cabin crew while they were preparing the aircraft for landing.

According to India Today, police believe the baby was delivered stillborn onboard the plane performing a flight between Imphal-Guwahati and New Delhi, all in India.

Police boarded the plane on landing and retrieved the body. A medical examination performed by a doctor at New Delhi Airport confirmed that the baby was actually delivered onboard.

Reports from other news outlets say the baby was found with toilet paper stuffed in its mouth.

In a statement, AirAsia said that a suspect had been held by police for further investigation. The investigation will also determine to find out if it was a forced abortion.

Reports indicate that the suspect is a 19 year old taekwondo team member. Police believe the young woman boarded the flight at Assam and initially appeared to look underage.

Strange things really do happen aboard planes, on Friday, we reported that a dog caused a plane to make an emergency landing.

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