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African Sports Tourism Summit to Hold on African Day

Organized in media partnership with Supersports, Afrotourism, African Traveler Quaterly, The Afritraveller and technical partnership with African League of Sports Tourism Stakeholders, Nigeria Travel Week and managed by Heventin Corporate Event Managers – The African Sports Tourism Week is a 4-day, 5-activity gathering of eggheads in the sports and tourism industry, where we cross-fertilize ideas towards social-economic growth for Africa and her nations, taking advantage of opportunitiesprovided by sporting events, monuments and collections through active sports tourism, event sports tourism and nostalgia sports tourism. Like a nation's cup, it is hosted by different African nations - year after year.

Speaking on the rationale behind the event, DejiAjomale-McWord, The CEO, African Sports Tourism Week said “Nigeria ’99 was the biggest sporting event Nigeria ever had opportunity to host and it was next to a wasted chance, because organizing committee saw only sporting activity and not a prime slot to lure the world into wanderlusting after a Nigeria they could experience from every side that there is to her people and natural gems.

Responding to questions on The African Sports Tourism Summit, Deji, revealed that the organizers were never deliberate about having the summit on the 25th of May, which is the day set aside to celebrate everything and everyone African, globally. “We had chosen the date before we realized it’s the African Day. I guess that’s the spirit leading the way. And we are glad to have BBC Africa joining SuperSports and other media from both sports and tourism landscapes, in covering the event”, he said.

For FIFA World Cup, The Masters, Rugby World 7Series, The Olympics, Super Bowl or Roland Garos to hold; there must be a convergence of the sporting talents, their managers, coaches, doctors, therapists, officials and ultimately their fans. For convergence to happen, travel and services/products in its value chain MUST be part of the equation. This is proof that tourism is sport. Sport is tourism. But how well have these industries been working together, especially in Africa? This is why we have decided to initiate a platform for the fellowship of the two industries, in Africa.

The host city for the 2018 edition is Lagos. The date is the 23rd-26th of May, 2018. Venues will be disclosed as the event approaches. The event will be covered by SuperSports.

Activities of the week include:

  1. African Sports Tourism Summit – venue is Golfview Hotel & Suites

  2. Sports Travel Week Cup – a football competition among Nanta, Natop, Skal – Venue is Meadow Hall, Lekki

  3. Sports Tourism Destination Exhibition& Golf Tournament – venue is Ikoyi Club 1938

  4. Sports Photography & Art Exhibition

  5. Fam Trip

The event will also showcase more than a century old relics on sports in Nigeria.

The panel of discussants at the summit will be doing an evaluation, in retrospect, of the biggest international sporting events that have held on the continent – including Nigeria ’99 and South Africa 2010 – for future betterment. They will also be dissecting payment infrastructure deficit and how it limits African nations from hosting the world, as much as they ought to.

The panelists include:

  1. AbimbolaIlo – CEO, Integral Sande ( Russia 2018 FIFA Hospitality Programme Exclusive Sales Agent)

  2. ShehuDikko – FIFA Stakeholders Committee member, Chairman of Nigerian League Management Company

  3. IkechiUko – Founder, Akwaaba Travel Market – Nigeria

  4. SeyiAkinwunmi – Lagos FA Chairman, 1st Vice President of NFF

  5. Stella Fubara-Obinwa – Director of International Operations (Africa Market), Dubai Tourism - UAE

  6. KayodeTijani – Veteran Sports Journalist, Curator of Nigeria Sports Library – Nigeria

  7. Charity Githinji – CEO, Tandaza – Tanzania

  8. Phyllis Macharia – CEO – Tee Off Kenya – Kenya

  9. MozezPraiz of SuperSports

  10. BiolaKazeem – Sports Media & Marketing Professional – Moderator

For more information kindly visit:

Facebook – African Sports Tourism Week

Instagram– @afrisportstourismweek

Twitter – @afsportstourism


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