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Binge-Viewing on Bumper Box Sets with Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways’ award-winning in-flight entertainment system Oryx One now offers so many box sets of hit TV shows and major movies that a passenger could fly 20 times around the world before watching them all.

An incredible 920 hours of must-see movies and unmissable TV shows have been carefully chosen to feature in special box sets and collated collections to satisfy even the most dedicated binge-viewers, thanks to Qatar Airways’ award-winning in-flight entertainment offering.

That’s enough to keep an avid viewer entertained watching every single minute of all 106 box sets, collections and branded channels on board a Qatar Airways aircraft while it continuously circled the globe 20 times.

Oryx One offers passengers everything from the latest blockbuster movies, TV box sets, film collections, music and games to children’s channels, branded channels, and informative programming like TED Talks and amazing documentaries.

The very latest TV shows on offer include engrossing dramas like Billions, dark comedy Big Little Lies, teen mystery Pretty Little Liars, US thriller The Vampire Diaries, top comedies such as Great News, Trial and Error, People of Earth, and UK police show Line of Duty.

The recent bumper box sets and collections added to Oryx One include the Hitchcock Collection, featuring movies by ‘The Master of Suspense’, Alfred Hitchcock, including horror-classic Psycho; the hugely popular Fast & Furious collection containing all the movies in the high-octane chase movie franchise; all the thrilling Star Wars films; the family-friendly movie collection from Pixar Studios, including the much-loved Toy Story tales and films from The Khan Collection, for Bollywood fans.

From September, the ground-breaking sci-fi TV series Battlestar Galactica will appear on board, while Dr Who fans are in for a treat with more incredible tales from the BBC’s ever-popular TV series.

Box set drama on board include HBO’s thrilling Westworld, stylish Mad Men and episodes of crime drama, NCIS, among many others. Orxy One also features top TV comedy box sets, including everything from smash-hit Modern Family, to Hollywood star Will Smith’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and animated fun with Matt Groening’s Futurama.

The airline’s Arabic-speaking passengers can enjoy specially collated Arabic TV box sets, including as a Qatar Airways’ exclusive, the top Turkish drama Sultana Qusam.

There are also popular comedy shows like Yawmeyat Zawja Mafrousa Awi, and religious programming like Wa Mahyay. Meanwhile fans of European TV thrillers and drama can binge-watch box sets of Norway’s Black Widows, France’s Baron Noir and Turkey’s No. 309.

With specially branded TV channels like the BBC, Discovery and National Geographic to choose from, as well as dedicated children’s channels to keep youngsters happy throughout their flight, such as Disney, Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network, Baraaem and Jeem, there’s never been a better, or more entertaining, way to fly than with Qatar Airways.

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Sep 21, 2022

We just booked our QATAR 🇶🇦 HÔTEL yesterday for 2 différent short stars of 2 nights and 3 nights for the Final… . Not exactly cheap but ok price for 4.5 Stars luxury and in Doha Center City! Thanks and Good Luck everyone! Vamos MEXICO!


Sep 30, 2022

Wow! Stunning! Hilton seems to be taking Africa by storm. Just a couple of years back, they opened the first ever in Eswatini.


Oct 24, 2022

Wonderful event and topics discussed, hopefully we see the manifestations in our African airline businesses in the nearest future. Kudos to you all.


Nov 10, 2022

Hi, I'm Lucy. Please how do I embark on my travel/ tour business. I am newbie and help..


Nov 18, 2022

Prices in the Sol Torremolinos Don Pablo are the same than two weeks ago.