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5 Reasons to Pick Mauritius as a Holiday Destination

If adventure is a major consideration for your choice of a holiday destination, going all out to experience the frills and thrills on offer in Mauritius is a perfect way to reward yourself this year.

In no particular order, here are five reasons why Mauritius should be on your bucket list of romantic getaways, especially this season of romance.

#1. Great food that delights

You will be wrong to think that all there is in Mauritius are its colorful beaches that attract scores of visitors to this archipelago every year. Far from that. Most people who visit this country always have fascinating stories to tell about its diversity of foods. As an island nation, virtually every Mauritian sauce revolves around seafood. So, if you love seafood in any form – grilled, roasted or sautéed – Mauritius is one place where you will never stop asking for more. Or you could decide to savor some of the local foods around like the deep-fried gajak, mithai for the sweet-toothed, farata bread, palm heart salad, coconut chutney, etc.

2. Abundance of nightlife hotspots

Night life in Mauritius is one that is often overlooked by travelers who have not experienced this aspect of the country, but the fun, nonetheless, can be intoxicating. Imagine the thrill of immersing yourself in the many beach clubs, laidback lounges and alluring casinos while you tap to the rhythm of slow music wafting in the background. A raving crowd with lots to sip and exotic cocktails are some of the key features to look out for as you experience the country’s riveting nightlife.

Love clubs that offer great night out experience? Mauritius boasts of so many playgrounds that ensure that you never miss a piece of the action.

3. Hordes of shopping centers

In case you are an impulsive buyer, Mauritius is one place where you are likely to throw caution to the wind. And the reason is simple: there is a large number of shopping centers and malls in this island nation that have something unique for every category of buyer – from the big spenders to the value-for-money shoppers.

Simply head to the ever buzzing Grand Baie, Bay Bazaar and Riviere du Rempart if you like to buy handmade items for your souvenirs. Or find your way to Quartre Bornes Market located at the center of Plaines Wilhems. Sometimes called the nation’s home of textiles, here is one place where you find all types of clothing materials ranging from under-wears to curtains, mufflers, etc.

4. Variety of colorful beaches

Mauritius is a perfect blend of European, African, Oriental and Indian influences seated on a fascinating island of powder-white beaches and clear sands ideal for romantic getaways. A beach holiday in Mauritius is really mesmerizing and often leaves you with memories that will continue to put a broad smile on your face for years to come. And if you have ever wondered why Mauritius is often described as one of the most restorative destinations in the world, part of the answer could be found in these jaw-dropping beaches.

5. A date with history

This paradise island is not only a spectacular haven of beaches and souks, it houses some of the best historical wonders the continent has ever known. Most of these landmarks ooze the colonial past of the island, and helps you connect deeply with a story that started from void to paradise.

Notable among these sights are La Maison Historique de Grand Port, Frederik Hendrik Museum and the L’aventure du Sucre Museum which captures the nation’s absurd romance with the Dutch colonialists.

So, clear the decks and explore the wonders of these seductive destinations with Wakanow's Mauritius package. Contact +234 (01) 2773010 or send a mail to to plan your customized romantic getaway in Mauritius or contact them here.

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