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Emirates Sets Standards For On-board Medical Care

In the wake of increasing incidents of flight diversions due to inflight medical emergencies, Emirates has stepped up its crew training for better response in such emergencies.

In 2016, Emirates delivered nearly 23,000 hours of medical training for cabin crew and pilots, ensuring they are ready to assist passengers on board.

The airlines has also invested more than US$ 7 million in the installation of its medical equipment on board, with annual maintenance costs being a further US$ 1.7 million.

Equipment on every Emirates aircraft include: emergency medical kits, oxygen bottles, resuscitators, a defibrillator, a telemedicine unit, and a 24/7, satellite medical advisory service.

The airline which operated more than 194,000 flights in 2016, said that it handled more than 60 flight diversions due to medical emergencies in those 12 months.

According to Emirtaes, a single flight diversion can cost it anything from US$50,000 to over US$600,000, depending on the nature of the diversion.

On average, Emirates’ crew make about 20 calls to the medical advisory service per 100,000 passengers flown.

Although most calls do not result in a diversion, but the professional consultation helps the operating crew to make better decisions and offer the right support to the affected passengers.


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