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Seven Reasons Why You Should Visit Mombasa Soon

Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city and in all fairness, it has proven to be one of the most interesting and fascinating places to visit in Africa – especially with the fact that it packs a whole lot of attractions and activities that keep visitors amazed.

Located on the coastlines of Kenya, bordering the beautiful Indian Ocean; Mombasa boasts of the sun-bleached sandy beaches where you either relax or have some fun – depending on what you prefer.

Below are some fantastic attractions you can explore when you visit the city of Mombasa and they are totally worth the effort.

Crocodile Village

It’s called the Mamba Village by the locals and it’s one of Mombasa’s must-visits. Here, you’ll marvel at the unique experience of how crocs feed on fresh meat.

The highlight of the largest crocodile farm in East Africa is the ‘big daddy’ croc which is the oldest and also the biggest of all the crocodiles. Other attractions at the farm include camel riding, horse riding, crocodile restaurant and bar while you can also enjoy amazing boat rides.

Go-Karting in Mombasa

Mombasa’s Go-Kart offers loads of fun for visitors to the Motorsport arena which is set in a beautiful tropical garden.

The race tracks and karts are totally safe for everyone even the kids (10 years and above), so expect to feel super excited when you practice your driving skills here.

If you don’t feel like karting, you can get some drinks at the nearby bar or restaurant where you can watch some karting action. Apart from karting, there are also other activities for everyone like; Paintball, Bulldozing, Bowling, Table Tennis, Off Road and many more.

Haller Park

The park which was formerly known as Bamburi Nature Trail, plays host to various species of plants and animals.

A thriving ecosystem of forests, ponds and grasslands; the park is blessed with an abundant wildlife like hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, giant Aldabra tortoise, antelopes, buffalos as well as bird species like eagles, sandpiper, weaver, stork and many others.

The zoo-like experience includes a walking trail along the park where you view and play with the fenced wildlife. The park is also famous because of Mzee the tortoise and Owen the hippo – when you visit the park, make sure you look out for them.

Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus confirms the history of Mombasa as an important route for trade between the Portuguese and Indians as well as other East Africans.

Built between 1593 and 1596, the fortress was strategically built on a coral cliff to monitor ships before they entered the harbor but the Portuguese eventually lost it due to constant attacks from enemies such as Ottomans, Persians, Africans and Arabs. Now, the Fort is now a museum and visitors rush here to check out the intriguing collection archaeological artifacts that adorn the fortress.

Mombasa’s Old Town

Old Town offers a deeper delve into the history of Mombasa. When you stroll through the tapered streets of the town, you will get a feel of the culture mix of the Arab, Portuguese, British and Asian inhabitants who live within the 180 acres that the town occupies. You will find also find many shops selling arts and crafts, textiles, antiques and many other unexpected items.

Nightlife in Mombasa

One thing you should definitely experience in Mombasa is the amazing nightlife. After a day of exploring and visiting the attractions of this beautiful city, you can check out the unique places that are fit for night lovers. Whatever your choice; late night dinner or dancing all through the night, Mombasa has something to suit your choice.

Tapas Cielo, near Naivas Supermarket, has simple but exotic dishes and also drinks to relax with. If you desire a dinner cruise, you can join the Tamarind dhow for some super sea-food enjoyed with a live band on board.

Other places include Yul’s, Mubins, Bella Vista, San Valencia Inn and they all add to the fascinating experience you get to enjoy while exploring Mombasa.

Mombasa Marine National Park

Want to dive or snorkel, the Mombasa Marine Park is surely the place for you. Due to its abundant marine life, beautiful blue water and spectacular coral reefs; the marine park is popular among tourists as well as locals.

Apart from diving and snorkeling, the park also offers boat rides which afford you the opportunity to witness the rich marine life of Kenya. Aquatic lives you’ll see here include; lionfish, crab, starfish, octopus, sharks, sea-turtle, dolphin and many more.

To visit any of these destinations and more, contact Kenya Holidays here.

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