• Chidozie Uzoezie

Travelport Launches Mobile Payment Solution in Kenya

Travelport has launched its Mobile Payment Solution for travel agencies in Kenya via its industry-leading point of sale technology for travel agents, Travelport Smartpoint.

In Kenya, thanks to the popularity of person to person (P2P) payment services, 89 percent of Kenyans are already familiar with mobile P2P payments and 68 percent are frequent users.

This new Travelport plug-in development allows travel agents in Kenya to accept payment for travel services via mobile devices from travellers, using either M-Pesa or Airtel money, as an alternative method of payment instead of cash or credit card.

The solution is powered by 3G Direct Pay mobile payments platform, the leading online payments provider in Africa. Travel agents can avail themselves of the Mobile Payment Solution free of charge.

For travel agents, the solution improves work efficiency by allowing them to issue instant mobile payment requests within their agency screens while travellers enjoy seamless payments, making payment transactions secure and less open to fraud.

The new Travelport Smartpoint plug-in also brings a significant value to travellers in Kenya by providing them with more payments options.

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