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Ethiopian Airlines Passenger Locks Himself in Aircraft Toilet

An Ethiopian Airlines passenger is under police and security supervision in Tanzania after being charged of causing chaos, destruction of an aircraft part and disturbance to passengers on board.

According to the police, Ally Thabit Ally who is a student in Oman, had boarded the plane, but locked himself in the aircraft toilet for several minutes.

When the aircraft was taxing on the runway ready to take off, the cabin crew noted an empty seat with a missing passenger on board.

The crew alerted the Captain of the flight who returned the aircraft to the parking area where airport security stormed into the plane in an effort to search for the missing passenger.

After about 15 minutes of knocking on the aircraft toilet door with no positive response, the security officials applied force to let the passenger out.

Police further said the person was found locked inside the ET aircraft’s toilet and when interrogated, he complained of diarrhoea and a loose stomach which forced him to stay inside the aircraft’s toilet for a long time.

The passenger known as Ally Thabit Ally an Oman citizen, had booked a flight on Ethiopian Airlines from Tanzania’s commercial city of Dar es Salaam to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia last week.

Mr Ally Thabit Ally is now under police custody awaiting court charges, accused of causing destruction to Ethioipan Airlines aircraft toilet’s door.

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21 सित॰ 2022

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30 सित॰ 2022

Wow! Stunning! Hilton seems to be taking Africa by storm. Just a couple of years back, they opened the first ever in Eswatini.


24 अक्तू॰ 2022

Wonderful event and topics discussed, hopefully we see the manifestations in our African airline businesses in the nearest future. Kudos to you all.


10 नव॰ 2022

Hi, I'm Lucy. Please how do I embark on my travel/ tour business. I am newbie and help..