Where to Spend Your Christmas and New Year Holidays in Lagos

November 15, 2019


It's a few weeks away from the 2019 Christmas and the 2020 New Year seasons, but the internet is already flooded with promotions and flyers of where to spend your holidays. Most of the flyers talk of the usual suspects including Dubai, Cape Town, Paris, Rome and even Ghana. But not many of them have highlighted Nigeria as a rewarding holiday destination especially for Christmas and New Year.

While you may be tempted and even justified to give Nigeria the back seat with respect to holiday destinations, it's not all bad. Lagos in particular, although very busy, can afford you some cool places for a rewarding holiday. Here are the places in Lagos we think you should consider visiting this Christmas and New Year.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

If experiencing African hospitality and culture in a cosmopolitan style is your sort of thing, then the La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort should be your kind of place. The Resort boasts of a 2000 meter of soft, golden sand which stretches between the shades of majestic coconut palms, the warm Atlantic Ocean and the placid lagoon.



Whether you want to be all by yourself while you recollect on the Lagoon or go all out and have fun, the La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort got your back. You can take a walk along a clean beach, lagoon and mangrove forest while closely observing a wide variety of tropical flora and fauna. If you've got some adrenaline, you can engage in several fun-filled outdoor activities including boat cruise, jet ski, surfing, tubing, kayaking, snorkeling etc. You can even dine and wine on water. Now, that sounds very romantic.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is ideal for families getaways, city escapes, friends get togethers, honeymoons, corporate bodies and team bounding. It is of course, also ideal for Christmas and New Year vacations. Day stay as well as overnight stays are available. The La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is located in Ibeju-Lekki, off Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos.

Elegushi Royal Beach

If you're out for fun, fun, and more fun, then head out to the Elegushi Royal Beach in Lekki, Lagos. Elegushi Royal Beach is a privately owned beach, and arguably one of the most popular as well as most beautiful beaches in Lagos. It is a perfect spot for picnics, birthday parties, family fun times or personal retreats.

Fun activities at the Elegushi Beach include horse riding, paintball, mini Ferris wheel riding and much more. However, the most popular activity at the beach is picnicking - with family, friends and colleagues at work. Perhaps, you should just have that end of the year party at this beach, you'll be glad you did.



But if you want to have a personal retreat or don't feel like going all out for fun, you could just take a walk along the sandy beach under the atmosphere of a soothing Ocean breeze. Or relax at a spot and enjoy the scenic ocean views while sipping your favourite cocktail.

At the Elegushi Beach, you can be sure to savour various local delicacies and barbecues including grilled fish, asun, suya, and nkwobi. These are of course, in addition to what to drink which by default, includes assorted alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Fresh palm wine can come to the party, if it's your lucky day.

Elegushi Royal Beach is located in Ikate off Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos. The entrance fee is N1,000.

Lekki Conservation Center

Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) is one of Africa’s prominent and most-diverse urban Nature Parks due to its high species richness. It is located along the Lagos-Epe Expressway in the coastal environs covering an approximate land area of 78 hectares, and ends up a very close distance to the Atlantic Ocean.



There are many fun things you can do at the Lekki Conservation Center, but the Canopy Walk is perhaps the most exciting. That is, if you've got some confidence. You can test your adrenaline level as you do the 401-metre long canopy walkway reputed to be the longest canopy walkway in Africa. It is an engineering feat and an amazing suspended swinging bridge walkway through the mosaic of rainforest vegetation. Your, you can test your love for height or your fear of it.

Besides the canopy walk, other exciting activities at the Lekki Conservation Centre are picnicking and animal spotting including rare birds like peacocks and ostriches. If you're feeling sporty, you can also play a game of chess with family or friends.

Lekki Conservation Centre is open to guests every day (including weekends and public holidays) from 8:30am and closes by 5:00pm. If you're in the mood for extreme adventures and or family picnic, this season, the Lekki Conservation Center is a nice place to visit.

Freedom Park Lagos

If you love cultures, history and arts, Freedom Park Lagos will particularly be of interest to you. Freedom Park Lagos is a National Memorial, a Historical landmark, a Cultural site & an Arts and Recreation centre. Formerly Old Broad Street Prison, the facility was (re)constructed to preserve the history and cultural heritage of the Nigerian People.



In terms of size, Freedom Park Lagos is not very big, which is a good thing. So in addition to satisfying your academic curiosity, you'll have enough time to move around without losing your breath. At least not so much. Attractions and facilities include historical statues, ponds and fountains, open air stage, amphi-theatre, internet booths, and even the little tiny cells where prisoners were one held. There's also a food court where you can take care of your appetite.

Visiting the Freedom Park Lagos this season can be a great way to spend your Christmas and New Year vacations. Whether you're visiting solo or in the company of friends or family, the park offers rewarding and affordable holiday experience.

Freedom Park Lagos is located on Broad Street, Lagos. There's an entrance fee of N200 per person.

Take a Trip to Badagry

Perhaps, the coming Christmas and New Year seasons will be a very good opportunity to take a trip to the historic coastal town of Badagry. Take a tour of the popular Slave Routes through which more than 500,000 Africans were sold into slavery from the 16th Century till the abolition of slave trade in 1886.

If you want to get to Badagry in style, take a scenic boat ride on the Lagos Lagoon. The boat ride takes about 45 minutes and will offer you the opportunity to discover the most exotic coastal neighbourhoods of Lagos dotted with some of the most beautiful houses in the commercial capital of Nigeria. If you're of the water-phobic folks, you can go by road.



While in Badagry, you can take a contemplative walk on the sandy Slave Routes on the Gberefu Island on your way to the Point of No Return. You can make a stop at the Spirit Attenuation Well and feel the superlative conspiracy between Slave Masters and local Badagry Chiefs. At the Point of no Return, you'll reminisce, you'll meditate and you'll even cry.

After exploring the Point of no Return and stirring up your emotions, you may want to conclude your trip with a visit to the Seriki Abass Slave Museum. The museum was established in honour of Seriki Williams, a slave which later became a Slave Master. At the museum, a lot of items will remind you of how slave trade was conducted as well as how the slaves suffered in the hands of their masters.

If you happen to have accommodation need during or after your trip, the Whispering Palms Hotel and Resort Badagry is probably your best bet. Easily accessible by both water and land, the resort is located in an environment that provides stunning views of the Lagoon. Staying at this beautiful resort will offer you the opportunity to reconnect with nature while staying away from the Lagos city noise.

If you would like to have a guided tour of Badagry this Christmas and New Year, please contact Anago Osho on 08037043233. 



Chidozie Uzoezie is a Travel and Tourism Blogger and a Content Creator. He's the CEO of The Afritraveller, Africa's trendy travel and tourism blog.

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