Brussels Airlines Gets Innovative with Digital e-Newspapers

October 31, 2019


Brussels Airlines is changing the way passengers read on-board with the introduction of digital alternatives which are replacing newspapers by digital copies on its flights.


As from 27 October, Brussels Airlines has removed all printed newspapers from its flights. Guests in all travel classes now receive a subscription to the digital newspaper of their choice.


Passengers are embracing the new idea as up to 52% of the airline’s guests already exchanged the paper boarding pass for a smartphone version.  


The removal of printed newspapers on its 250 flights per day avoids 115 tons of transported weight per year, decreasing fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions.  


The switch to digital newspapers only is a logical choice, as the airline wants to meet today’s digital standards as well as reduce its ecological footprint.


The removal of the printed newspapers on its 250 daily flights decreases the weight of the aircraft and hence its fuel consumption, leading to 35 tons of CO2 reductions.

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