Discover the World From Ghana with Kenya Airways Deals

August 20, 2019


Are you planning to travel from Ghana to the world? Kenya Airways has rolled out deals for passengers travelling from Accra to some of its most popular destinations around the world.


Whether you want to discover the many surprises of New York or close an important business deal in Guangzhou, or visit Rome to see the Pope, the Kenya Airways deals are for you.


The deals include flights from Accra to New York from USD 996, Dubai from USD 506.03, Geneva from USD 553, Rome from USD 555, Johannesburg from USD 435.33, Cape Town from USD 730.33, Guangzhou from USD 966.62, Bangkok from USD 821.15, Dar Es Salaam from USD 709, Mumbai from USD 623.91.


Others are Accra to Harare from USD 582, Entebbe from USD 657.2, Addis Ababa from USD 619, Nairobi from USD 703, Freetown from USD 594, Mahe Island from USD 1,095, Kilimanjaro from USD 1,050, Lusaka from USD 852.58, Monrovia from USD 561, Kinshasa from USD 989.25, and Dakar from USD 1,655.68.


These deals are for return flights in the Economy Class. Tickets are bookable till 30 August, 2019 for travels between 16 August, and 30 November, 2019. Book NOW.

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