Ethiopian Airlines Introduces Lido Flight 4D Into Flight System

September 8, 2018


Ethiopian Airlines Group and Lufthansa Systems have announced the introduction of Lufthansa’s Lido/Flight 4D solution in Ethiopian’s flight planning system.


The new generation of the proven flight planning solution from Lufthansa Systems offers extensive automation and optimization functions for flight planning and control processes.


Ethiopian Airlines will use Lido Flight Planning Services (Lido/FPLS) for 5 years at a total contract value of USD 3.8 million. It had used the earlier version, Lido Flight System, for the last 5 years.


The Lido Flight Planning Service is one of the most effective flight planning solutions worldwide and has been rewarding in augmenting our efforts to optimize flight planning and control endeavors in our expanding service and latest technology acquisition.


Features of Lido/Flight 4D include its integrated and continually updated aeronautical database and the so-called optimizer. It calculates the most suitable route for flights based on all flight-related data, weather conditions and the current airspace situation including any restrictions.


With the introduction of Lido/Flight 4D system, Ethiopian Airlines will further optimize its routings and flight planning processes, thereby reaping benefits in terms of reduced flying time and fuel consumption.


Around 120 airlines from around the world with a total of more than 6,000 aircraft are currently using Lufthansa Systems’ flight planning solution, which has been successful for over 17 years.


Recently, Ethiopian Airlines upgraded its operations to a new flight tracking system called Fusion enables the airline’s operation control personnel to monitor the status of all aircraft in air live.

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