Flight Delayed as Two Passengers Fight it Out Onboard

March 19, 2018


Southwest Airlines Flight 8 scheduled to depart Dallas Love for Los Angeles suffered a one hour delay due to a fight between two passengers, reports FoxNews.


According to an eye witness, the incident which happened on 2 March started when a man began arguing with flight attendants regarding overhead bins on the aircraft. 


When the crew asked the man to deplane, he refused and this forced the captain to ask all the passengers to leave the plane.


According to the report, another male passenger intervened, asking the man to deplane so the flight could continue to Los Angeles. The man spat on the other passenger, sparking altercation.


Following the altercation, the two male passengers proceeded to fight it out with punches on each other even as fellow passengers stampeded to move out of the way.

The fight ended when the two men were eventually separated and removed from the aircraft by local law enforcement agents.


The Southwest Airlines flight later departed Dallas Love to Los Angeles one hour behind schedule.

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