Five Flight Attendants Poisoned Aboard a Transatlantic Flight

February 10, 2018


A flight attendant showed symptoms of a heart attack while 4 others felt light headed, dizzy and showed symptoms of poisoning onboard a Delta Airlines flight on 5 February, 2018.


Flight DL87 from Frankfurt, Germany to Detroit, USA operated by a Boeing 767-300 with 141 passengers and 11 crew, was over Greenland when the crew declared medical emergency.


The crew contacted Montreal,QC (Canada) Area Center Control, declared medical emergency over Greenland and requested to divert to Iqaluit.


According to, the crew of the flight was given clearance to divert to Iqaluit Airport, Nunavut (Canada) and landed safely about 90 minutes later.


The affected flight attendants reported that they felt there was low oxygen in the cabin air and there were issues with the cabin air quality.


The flight attendant with extreme breathing issues was taken to a hospital, and a high level of carbon monoxide was found in the blood samples taken by the hospital.


The other flight attendants which showed symptoms of dizziness, headaches and diarrhea, were treated at the airport and were able to continue duties.


According to reports, the affected aircraft remained at Iqaluit Airport for about 90 minutes, then continued the flight and reached Detroit with a delay of 2 hours.


On reaching Detroit, the aircraft was withdrawn from service and sent for maintenance checks.

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