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Four Seasons Hotel Dubai Centre Unveils Arts by Umberto Ciceri

In partnership with Opera Gallery, Four Seasons Hotel DIFC has unveiled new captivating art displays at MINA Brasserie.

The highly acclaimed restaurant, a favourite among the local and DIFC crowd, is now home to three of Umberto Ciceri’s finest masterpieces - Transcendance No.518, Spinlife Series No.844 and Theta No.877.

For years, art has stirred humanity, yet with Umberto Ciceri’s mastery of lenticular printing, the opposite holds just as true. The Italian artist, who lives and operates out of Barcelona, obsesses over creating motion from stillness.

Umberto Ciceri has mastered the craft of lenticular printing, pushing its boundaries to create an illusion of kinesis. His work turns stationary spectators into an engine that brings the artwork to life. Upon orbiting a Ciceri piece, it appears to spring to life, rebelling against its static state.

An interpretation of Ciceri’s displayed work:

Transcendance No. 518: Upon first encountering her in her frame, one could wrongly think that she is forever stuck in a moment of stillness. On the tips of her toes, she patiently waits for a passerby to dance with her. Watch her twirl, ever so elegant.

Spinlife Series No.844: A rose in purple. Its shade of lavender commands attention. After it captivates the spectator, it spins as if being twirled by an invisible hand.

Theta No.877: Representing that inner glow one feels in a flow state, this is more a story of perfection than it is a ballerina’s dance. She moves so divinely, golden rays emanate from her.

Guests interested in viewing Ciceri’s art displays can visit MINA Brasserie. Opera Gallery DIFC invites those looking to learn more about Ciceri’s work to visit their gallery.

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