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  • Chidozie Uzoezie

Air Peace Aircraft Suffers Bird Strikes

Earlier today, 22 November, 2021 an Air Peace aircraft performing Flight P47159 from Owerri to Lagos suffered a bird strike shortly after taking off from Owerri airport.

According to the airline, the bird trike seriously affected the parameters of one of the engines of the Boeing 737 aircraft which made the crew to abort the flight.

As a result, the captain of the flight decided to divert the flight to Port Harcourt International Airport and safely landed the aircraft and the passengers disembarked normally.

The airline swiftly dispatched a rescue team and a replacement aircraft to Port Harcourt from where the passengers have since been flown to Lagos.

Following the incident, Air Peace has reiterated its commitment to the highest standards of safety and promised to never compromise on its safety standards.

Bird strikes are pretty common in the aviation industry. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, over 10,000 bird strikes occur each year, averaging more than 26 hits a day.

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