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Out of Favour: Is the End Near For the Queen of the Skies?

This isn’t good news, especially for those who are yet to fly on the Queen of the skies. Boeing is reportedly set to end the production of the iconic Boeing 747 aircraft.

According to Bloomberg, the last production Boeing 747-8, a Boeing 747-8F will roll out of the factory in 2022 and will be delivered to United Parcel Service (UPS) cargo airline.

Although Boeing is yet to make an official statement regarding this, there have been strong indications that the production of the world’s most iconic aircraft would soon come to an end.

Following the current global COVID-19 pandemic, several airlines have retired their Boeing 747 fleet earlier than planned including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Qantas.

Four engine aircraft have recently fallen out of favour with airline executives in favour of smaller and more fuel efficient twin engine aircraft like the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350.

The first Boeing 747 was produced in 1968, ushering in a new era of long haul flying. Its size, iconic status, and the glamour it brought to air travel earned it the title “Queen of the Skies.”

The jumbo aircraft is one of the most successful wide-body aircraft and the most successful four engine aircraft. About 1,555 copies of the Boeing 747 have been produced so far.

If production ends in 2022 as reported, the Boeing 747 will have been produced for 54 years, making it one of the longest produced aircraft in the world.

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