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Delta to Become World’s First Carbon Neutral Airline

Delta Air Lines is set to become the first carbon neutral airline in the world as sets vision for meaningfully reducing emissions and advancing sustainability.

Starting March 1, 2020, Delta Air Lines is committing $1 billion over the next 10 years on its journey to mitigate all emissions from its global business going forward.

The airline will invest in driving innovation, advancing clean air travel technologies, accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions and waste, and establishing new projects to mitigate the balance of emissions.

Delta’s approach to tackling carbon reduction and sustainability reflects the focus and rigor it has become known for, and that it used to build a financially secure airline.

This announcement comes as Delta pays $1.6 billion in profit sharing to employees this Valentine’s Day, and reflects its longstanding approach to placing a high value on supporting all stakeholders and communities worldwide.

The aviation industry accounts for roughly 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Delta’s carbon footprint is its largest environmental impact, with 98% of emissions coming from its aircraft.

The company is focusing its efforts to become carbon neutral by investing in Carbon reduction, Carbon removal, and Stakeholder engagement.

Delta’s journey to carbon neutrality and its $1 billion investment build on its industry-leading voluntary sustainability efforts.


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