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Catch Them Young: Emirates Group Inspires School Children

Close to 250 students from 8 schools may be one step closer to answering the question on everyone’s mind – “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Yesterday, Emirates welcomed students to the Emirates Group Headquarters for an immersive session as part of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature’s Education Programme, which reached more than 30,000 students last year.

The session explored the diversity of roles within the organisation, helping to cultivate their passion for aviation by enriching their understanding of the skills and passion required for these roles.

Students between the ages of 14 to 18 years old were treated to a memorable two hour session on what it takes to work for the world’s largest international airline.

Team members from across different departments at Emirates engaged with students through insightful presentations, interactive questions from the audience and a panel discussion, inspiring them to take a greater interest in the aviation industry.

The Emirates Group prides itself on the strength and diversity of its workforce, which is made up of over 160 nationalities possessing unique talents across a range of disciplines.

Yesterday’s session is a reflection of the airline’s efforts to give back and connect its employees to local communities in order to build strong, more impactful relationships where they live and work.

The airline recognizes the importance of building a pipeline of talent for the next generation, through innovative approaches that ignite the spark in students to pursue their dreams in the aviation industry.

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