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  • Chidozie Uzoezie

Ethiopian Airlines to Operate All-Women Flight to Norway and Sweden

Ethiopian Airlines has finalized preparations to once again celebrate International Women’s Day by operating an all-women Functioned Flight this time to Stockholm and Oslo on 8 March, 2019.

The all-women flight will be themed “All women functioned flight to operate from the continent of African to meet with their counterparts in Europe to show the power of women to the world”

The historical flight will be operated by Ethiopian Airlines women professionals from flight deck all the way to the ground including airport operations, flight dispatch, load control.

Ramp operations, on-board logistics, safety and security, catering as well as air traffic control, will also be carried out entirely by women.

Ethiopian Airlines currently operates five weekly flights to Oslo, Norway via Stockholm, Sweden with ultra-modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopian Airlines has operated four flights to Bankok, Kigali, Lagos, and Buenos Aires, which were operated by women aviation professionals.

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