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Queen of The Sky: Meet The World's Oldest Flight Attendant

Call her the Queen of the sky and you would be right. Bette Nash has been sharing her contagious smile with the world for 60 years and might just be the world's oldest serving flight attendant.

On Friday, American Airlines honored Ms. Bette Nash with a day full of festivities to celebrate her 60 years of dedicated service as a flight attendant. She is American Airline’s most senior flight attendant and according to many, the most devoted.

A huge crowd gathered at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Friday, November 3 where the airline presented Ms. Nash with diamond earrings from Tiffany’s and a $10,000 donation on her behalf.

Ms. Nash’s love for the aviation industry began in her late teens when she took her first flight from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to Dayton. While in-flight, she fell in love with the charming and chic appearances of the crew members.

In 1957, at age 21, she began her aviation career with Eastern Airlines which ceased operations in 1991 following which American Airlines bought some of its routes. This meant a transfer of service for Bette.

Ms Bette Nash has literally seen it all in aviation having witnessed many changes in the flight industry, from times tickets were as low as $12 even without pre-reservations.

Bette's fondest era in the flight customer service industry was the era of “golden age,” during which she flew with the family of former American President John Kennedy and served lobster and carved meats on platters.

Bette who is now 80 years old, still flies her route (known as the shuttle) from Washington, D.C. to Boston several times a week.

"You had to be a certain weight. It used to be horrible. You put on a few pounds and then you had to keep weighing yourself. And then if you stayed that way, they took you off the payroll!", she said.

For Bette, serving sodas and making announcements on-board flights is more than a job. It's her life, her dream and her passion. And she has no plans of retiring anytime soon.

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