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Aviation For Life: Pilot Donates kidney to Flight Attendant

Airline Pilots are expected to take care of their passengers as well as the cabin crew but not usually to the extent of giving out their kidneys to them even at the risk of loosing their own lives.

Well, an Alaska Airlines pilot and a flight attendant have become much more than colleagues and even friends after one of them made a life-giving sacrifice, so the other could live.

Jenny Stansel, 38, an Alaska Airlines flight attendant, has been battling with chronic kidney disease for over 15 years. But on Monday, she finally got a new lease of life after her colleague, Captain Jodi Harskamp, an Alaska Airlines pilot, donated one of her kidneys to her.

Before the surgery, Jenny Stansel spent over 10 hours on dialysis every day.

Jenny Stansel had publicly asked friends and co-workers to consider donating, Captain Jodi Harskamp with whom she has worked with for many years, stepped up and agreed to donate her kidney to her.

The surgery was successfully performed at Swedish Organ Transplant Center in Seattle, USA. Both Jenny Stansel and Captain Jodi Harskamp are recovering well.

Stansel's new kidney could not be served on a beverage cart but it did come on ice.

"I cannot say enough about how brave and strong and incredibly generous Jodi is," Stansel wrote in a Facebook post. "I have so much love and respect for her and her wonderful family for supporting her decision to give me life."

Captain Jodi Harskamp says she plans to return to the flight deck as soon as she fully recovers.

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