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Are You Ready For The World’s Largest Jet Engine?

A 10 percent increase in fuel efficiency might not sound like a lot, but in aviation, according to Wired, “engineers would step over their own mothers for a one percent bump.”

As large in diameter as the body of an entire Boeing 737, the GE9X is the biggest jet engine in the world, and it delivers those extra fuel savings and more.

GE Aviation has built the engine for the new Boeing 777X planes and started testing it in March. It’s also one of GE’s biggest draws at the Farnborough International Airshow, which started near London, England, on Monday.

The GE9X isn’t the most powerful engine GE makes — that world record belongs to the GE90-115B — but in addition to its size and fuel efficiency, the GE9X also makes less noise and runs cleaner than any other GE engine to date, which will help airlines meet increasingly strict environmental rules.

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