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Boeing Gives New Details of Iran Aircraft Deal

According to gulf news, Boeing has offered new details on its proposed passenger aircraft deal with Iran and rejected suggestions that it had not done sufficient homework in identifying end users of the planes.

In a letter to congressional critics of the politically delicate deal, Boeing said Iran Air, the national airline, intended to buy 80 passenger planes in a variety of models worth $17.6 billion and lease 29 of the company’s 737s, with deliveries projected to begin as early as next year.

The letter, by Tim Keating, vice president of government operations, also said “we have a vigorous compliance mechanism at Boeing with regard to the screening of all parties with which we do business.”

Keating wrote that Boeing had strictly adhered to dealings with Iranian entities approved by US sanctions monitors.

“We could not, as a corporation, be reasonably expected to have better intelligence resources than that of the US government,” Keating wrote. “Therefore, we do rely upon the US government to provide the information needed for us to remain compliant.”

Boeing’s proposed deal with Iran Air, disclosed this month, is potentially one of the most significant economic outcomes of the international nuclear agreement with Iran that took effect in January, which rescinded or eased many sanctions in exchange for Iran’s verifiable commitments to peaceful nuclear activities.

Among the eased sanctions was a relaxed prohibition on Iran’s ability to acquire aircraft for the national airline’s ageing commercial fleet.

Iran also has negotiated an agreement with Airbus, Boeing’s major competitor, to acquire more than 100 aircraft.

The sale and lease of Boeing jetliners, if completed, would constitute the biggest American business transaction with Iran since the 1979 Islamic revolution.


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