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RwandAir Decorates First Rwandan Boeing 737 Captain

On Friday 13th December 2013, RwandAir staff witnessed the First Rwandan Captain on a Boeing 737 Bosco Murabukirwa, get released by DFO Captain Santos Pio at the Kigali international airport tarmac.

With the CEO John Mirenge at hand to receive the captain upon landing his flight from Entebbe, Captain Bosco was pleasantly surprised by the sea of Rwandair staff members in reflector jackets all applauding his great achievement.

DFO Captain Santos Pio gave a brief speech before handing over the four bars to place on pilot Bosco’s uniform officially signifying his new title as a captain. With cheers, applause, and jubilations from the crowd that gathered, Captain Bosco gave a very emotional speech recognizing the long road it took to get to the position of being a captain flying the national carrier of his own country. With pride and humility, he thanked RwandAir management for their continuous support and unflinching confidence in him.

The CEO then assisted Captain Bosco with wearing his new Jacket with the four bars on the sleeves. As most of you are already aware, airline pilots wear stripes on their sleeves or on the epaulets on their shoulders. The stripes are an indication of the pilot’s level of flight experience and of his responsibilities in an aircraft. Thus from this day on all persons will recognize the four stripes on Bosco’s uniform and address him as Captain Bosco for the rest of his days.

The small ceremony was concluded with a speech from the CEO, impressing on captain Bosco the leadership role he has assumed for becoming the first Rwandan Captain on a Boeing 737 and reminding him that the 12 Rwandan pilots flying WB aircraft all look up to him.

RwandAir CEO, John Mirenge, was very assured that Bosco will continue to inspire the young pilots to work hard to not only reach his level, but to surpass him. RwandAir salutes Captain Bosco Murabukirwa for making all Rwandans proud to see a son of the land of a thousand hills flying the national carrier.

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